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RoRo has wonderful collection of balls, and they’re a favourite toy for her.  The balls are all different shapes, sizes, textures and colours. As well as being great fun to play with, balls are a wonderful way for her to develop her core strength, fine and gross motor skills. Rosie has hypotonia and hypermobility (poor muscle tone and high flexibility), both common with Down’s Syndrome, so the more exercise we can sneak into each day, the better.

This post contains some affiliate links.  There’s no cost to you, but helps to keep Rosie supplied with balls.

Rosie’s favourite ball at the moment is this super-sized ball.  For her, it’s the perfect size to act as a therapy ball. She rolls around over it, tries to crawl over it.  All of this is great for her sense of balance, her core strength and hand-eye coordination.

Super sized ball


Similar to the super sized ball are these smaller textured balls.  They come in a pack of 4, and RoRo is surprisingly good at rolling and catching them. The textures help her to pick them up, and they’re great for developing skills.

4 small balls

Rosie loves spending time splishing and splashing in the bath.  She’s just got to the stage of sitting up in the bath, and these balls from Munchkin encourage her to stretch out to catch them as they float past.  This is excellent for building her core stability.

floating balls

Rosie’s first ball was this fabulous o-ball.  There are lots in their range, but Rosie’s is the simplest one, and the most effective.  As soon as she could grasp, she’d grab this ball. It’s really light and perfect for building her fine motor skills.


Finally, these flashing balls are great fun.  The flashing lights really encourage RoRo to move around.

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