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There’s been a lot of upset in the Down’s Syndrome community, about the current Emmerdale storyline.
We don’t watch Emmerdale normally, and I’ve chosen not to engage with the discussion up until now.
When I was pregnant with Rosie I was really upset when we found out she had Down’s Syndrome. I’m really pleased that Pete and I were always on the same page about not terminating – otherwise we may well have done.
Why? Because when pregnant I knew no-one with Down’s Syndrome.

I had a whole load of misconceptions.

I took out a library book, which listed out all the problems people with Down’s Syndrome may have. I had so many freak out moments. I was genuinely devastated.
All of that changed the moment RoRo was born. She came out fighting, and we loved her immediately.
We have never, ever, regretted proceeding with the pregnancy.

Rosie is a real blessing.

Yes, she has some health issues. Yes, we have to fight to get her the support she needs and deserves. But she’s worthy of life. And she enriches our lives.

Down’s Syndrome is nothing to be afraid of, it’s a blessing and a joy.

RoRo turned 4 recently. 4 amazing, incredible, joy filled years.
What advice would I give to someone getting a prenatal diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome? Find your local support group and meet the children and the parents. Ask those ridiculous and honest questions – I guarantee at least one parent in the group will have thought what you’re thinking.
Don’t just go to ARC for advice. Go to Positive About Down Syndrome and find out what people’s lived experiences are. Follow Wouldn’t Change a Thing, Don’t Be Sorry, Ollie & Cameron and Heidi Crowter – Living the Dream

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