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Today, March 21st, is Down’s Syndrome Day.  A day we celebrate all those who have Down’s Syndrome.

Would I really change nothing?

18 months ago, I hoped and prayed that my daughter would not have Down’s Syndrome.  That all the tests would be wrong. I could not begin to understand why parents of children with Down’s Syndrome would say they wouldn’t change it.

What changed in me?

Instead of Rosie changing, I was the one who changed.  From the moment Rosie was born, she was her own character.  She was strong, chilled out, gorgeous.  I couldn’t help but love her, and she continues to win people over.  Both with her incredible cuteness, and her wonderful personality.

I can not say what Rosie would be like if she didn’t have Down’s Syndrome.  I wouldn’t want her to be any different, she is perfect just as she is. Sure, her development might be a bit slower than the majority of children her own age. But all children develop in their own time.

Rosie’s health is generally good, she recovered so well from her heart operation.  Of course, I’d like her health to be a bit better, we have too many hospital trips for my liking! But there are plenty of children that are born ‘healthy’ but end up with far worse health concerns.

I can’t wait to see how Rosie grows and develops.  And I #wouldn’tchangeathing

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