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Since having RoRo, we have been blessed with outpourings of love from so many people.  It’s in the darkest of times that this love has shone into our lives, lifting us back up and giving us hope.  Having a child with Down’s Syndrome is a blessing, but it takes a village to raise that child with love.

Love can seem an abstract concept at times.  However, we’ve been blessed with so many different ways of love being demonstrated by family, friends, strangers and health professionals.

Love is just being there

Love is seeing RoRo’s beauty

Love is sitting by RoRo’s hospital bedside, keeping us company

Love is including us in playdates

Love is bringing cans of gin and tonic into hospital

Love is taking RoRo’s sister for a few hours

Love is the nurse staying late to ensure RoRo’s hospital transfer is successful

Love is understanding when I can’t travel to meet up

Love is a hug

Love is donating to RoRo’s causes

Love is giving up your Saturday to be at our fundraiser

Love is volunteering for an ambulance transfer despite getting travel sick

Love is in every Ronald McDonald house

Love is in every word of encouragement

Love is delivering RoRo on your day off

Love is sitting with RoRo in PICU

Love is encouraging me to keep on advocating

Love is those pennies that are donated

Love is in the little messages checking in

Love is in the box of my favourite chocolates

Love is forgiveness when we miss yet another social occasion

Love is in lifts to and from hospital, regardless of the hour

Love is excitement at RoRo’s new skills

Love is seeing RoRo as the star she truly is

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